Meet Tony & JoAnne

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Our Story

Tony and JoAnne Ramos have always believed that God has called us all to live a life of freedom in the Holy Spirit and that freedom is to be used to serve others in love (Galatians 5:13-14 MSG). Their calling has taken them to nearly every continent and to places often untouched by this message of freedom through Jesus Christ. With a message of hope that our God sees, loves, and cares for you no matter where you are on this life's journey; Tony and JoAnne are committed to going to the most marginalized while partnering with the local church in those regions.

Their story began on shaky ground, as two young people (22 yrs & 19 yrs) living together, when they found out they were pregnant.  A chance encounter with a woman selling life insurance shortly after that would change their lives forever. Meeting Jesus not only altered their life course, but little did they know it would make a way for generations of people around the world to know the wholeness that Jesus provides. Tony and JoAnne have been married for over 40 years and have two amazing children (who are now grown with families of their own), as well as 10 grandchildren. Their ministry began as they served on staff at Christian Faith Center in South Seattle, WA, until 1990, when God stirred their hearts to go to the world beyond their own. They sold all their possessions, packed up their two young children, and moved across the world to Bulgaria to help build the local church and lead a Bible school.

After returning to the United States, Tony and JoAnne spent the next 20 years as part of The City Church/ Churchome Community serving as Campus Pastors and then as the Missions Pastors. JoAnne has been part of the preaching team, led local outreach teams responding to the needs of people within the Greater Seattle area, as well as leading over 50 short-term mission trips to countries across the world including Uganda, Bulgaria, Thailand, El Salvador, and Sri Lanka. Tony released JoAnne to travel almost every month for the past 20 years as he served the local community. 

As Tony and JoAnne step into this next season together, they will continue to honor God’s call on their life to use their God-breathed freedom to serve the world in love.  Their mandate to bring hope to the lost, the weary and the marginalized; while strengthening what God is building in the regions they travel to, is at the core of their mission believing that, “None are beyond His reach.”